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About hijacked trade:
Recently, many people reported that deposit success but inventory have no item
After verification, we found that the user's ratde was hijacked
Here I want to give everyone explain a common scam:

Now there are many scam site. When you log on to their site, your account is hijacked.
After your account is hijacked, when another person sends you a steam offer to get something in your inventory
The hacker cancels the normal offer, and then his dummy robot sends you the same offer with the same name and same avatar
If you do not pay attention to accept the false offer, your item will be lost.

How to guard against:
Before accepting the offer, check whether one of the offer received has been cancelled. If so, please do not accept the offer. 
Please check again and again whether the account trade with you are trading with is a fake robot.
Look at the avatar of a transaction robot.The avatar is gray means the steam client is offline,and the blue represents steam online
If you are trade with the bot steam online, please be care and check it again
Accept offer by clicking on links on the site instead of steam, which reduces the probability of hijacking.


If hijacked how to solve:
Enter steam API management, write off and re register API
If still hijacked after the API modification I recommended to send an email to steam Customer Service to explain the situation and ask steam Customer Service to help you fix your steam account.

Hijacking offer is a problem with your steam account, not a problem with the site,is not we use a fake robot to scam your item.
Hope you can understand that the site will not been made a scapegoat for hacker, so will not compensate for hijacked item.
If you find your steam account is unsafe, please fix it then try again