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Invitation and cooperation
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Promotion and cooperation:


17topgame is a third party game entertainment website based on STEAM accessories. It is also the only Chinese website in the same type of website.


You can get additional T coins by invitation. Please go through the inventory → referral system.


And you can also get extra Carnival raffles, which can be used when the raffle is open. For details, please click on Carnival.


If you are the anchor or from the media, video owners, are interested in helping us to get higher profits, please contact us.

If you are in China, you can add customer service QQ group: 751565631, get in touch with us.


If you are not in China, you can send mail to,and tell us ur contact way(Steam, Skype, MSN, etc.), and explain your identity, we will contact you voluntarily


For further cooperation promoters, we will give other help and welfare on the basis of promoting players' rebate.