Site maintenance,it will be reopened tomorrow morning,site everyday 24:00 will turn the player's item into equal coins
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Invitation and cooperation
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1. The site will be close and maintenance at 23:00-9:00 per day in Beijing,deposit and withdraw not open during the period,The cause of inconvenience, hope to understand.

2. Site in everyday 24:00 will turn the player's item into equal coins,if u dont want exchange coins,plz advance withdraw。

3. Carnival's roulette need game roulette corresponding game time,for example if u want use dota2 roulette,u need on steam the game time is set to public and have some hours in dota2 game time.

How to set the game time to public?

plz log in to steam then click:

Set like this:

4. Invite player for more lottery chances,need this player deposit and play game then u get chances,invite idle account cant get chance.


5. The quota in the market is the participation rate of the game.Participate in the game get quota,If there is no participation in the game, u cant be exchanged coin for item. 


6.everyday withdraw total is related to the deposit total,if u very luck win many but cant withdraw plz contact us help u.


7. If you have any problems and bug in the site,welcome contact us
This our contact information:
If u in china can add our QQ group:751565631 
If u dont in china plz send mail to,we will reply you be fast.


8.Please don't trust the content of others in the chat room. Please do not publish any advertisements in the chat room. If the circumstances are serious, you will be banned.


9. A guy named “17topgame official” on facebook recently. That's not us. Don't be deceived,we haven't joined FB