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Invitation and cooperation
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This site is based on the STEAM game jewelry third party entertainment platform
The user can exchange the item for T coin for the game, after the game, the T coin can also be converted to item to get back

This station does not involve any recharging money business. Please do not trust others' recharge information. Games are for entertainment only,please don't be addicted to

Introduction to play

1. coinflip:

Flip the coin between players and players, winning one side to get all the accessories. You can choose to create games or join others' rooms to participate in duel. When you choose to create the game, you can view the room you created in the game list, and if no other players join the game within 30 minutes, we will return your accessories and delete the match.

When you join other players to create a match, the game will start directly.


Item upgrading is a new game play. Upgrade your skin to a higher value skin. The probability of success depends only on the value of the items you choose. For example, choose the accessories of your $100 in stock for preparing decorations, choose $150 accessories in the website as the target accessories, the probability of upgrading is 63.33%. You can choose the drop interval below 63.33 (0 - 63.33) or higher than 36.67 (36.67 - 100). Click upgrades, at which time the system encrypts a random number (0-100), which if the random number is upgraded within the range of your choice, the upgrade fails.


Roulette are classic games. Gamers are free to choose three kinds of red guess: red or black or green 

guess red or black, double the profit, and guess the green profit is 14 times.