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Invitation and cooperation
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Website Terms:

1. using this website, you represent and agree: you are at least 18 years old or the maximum legal age applicable to the law, and you use this website, please agree only for your personal participation in the game, not any financial or other operations.

2. when the website identifies an account, it uses the trumpet to make profits, brush up the number of people to promote the lottery, and so on.

3. The web site prohibits all pour goods (that is, only deposit and withdraw, no games, or exchange item are far outweigh the game's abnormal behavior), and once found, illegal accounts will be banned.

4. you are not allowed to use un17topgame plug-ins, plugins, or third party tools to interfere, destroy, modify, or exert other effects on the service under this agreement, if found, to ban illegal accounts.

5. for users who violate the 17topgame user regulations, we can terminate the account you use on our website at any time.

6. sites at 12 points per night will be the player in the site inventory of items into an equal T currency, and will not provide the operation of the exchange of goods, please do not store your treasure for a long time in the site.

7. we are not responsible for the goods being cheated on the third party website. Please be careful with your account.

8. site games are only for entertainment, and do not participate, not related to any discount channels, please be rational entertainment, do not be addicted, if you find yourself unable to extricate yourself, here should be able to help you: Ie=utf-8&kw=%E6%88%92%E8%B5%8C&fr= search

If you have any suggestion or doubt about this agreement or service, you can send us an email,, we will give you the necessary help.

Chat room rules:
1. other participants of offense, anger, or threat.
2. ask for skin and take part in begging
3. publish any connection links of the nature of the advertisement
4. sending garbage information and irrigation
5. release other promotion links and code
6. disguise as a service administrator or moderator
7. provide purchase, sale and acceleration account
8. send a chat phone number, a messenger, an electronic wallet
9. create conflicts in other languages
10. talk about political or religious themes
11. show racism and nationalist symbols
12. advocacy of drugs, alcohol and violence
13. offense and threat Service Administrator

Violators will be banned from entering chat rooms, and no time allowed from 10 minutes to permanent titles.
We have the right to delete messages or prohibit participants from chatting without any explanation.


The final interpretation of the 17topgame all